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About us

ZANE systems Limited Liability Company was founded in 2012 by electrical engineer Zoltán Erdei. The company was established to meet the needs of foreign and domestic circuit design, accordingly, the main activity of the company from the very beginning is the production of electronic circuit board and electronic design. 

Creating a design office capable of designing world-class electronic products played a very important role in founding the company. 

Our mission is to show that Hungarian electronics professionals can stand their ground not only in electronics contract manufacturing, but also in design.

Zane System

Our areas of expertise

PLC controls

We specialize in providing cutting-edge programmable logic controller (PLC) solutions tailored to the unique needs of the custom machines sector.

Circuit diagram

We have more than ten years of experience in designing high-speed, RF, analog circuits, power supplies and complex, high-integration electronics.

Printed circuit board design

Following the circuit diagram design is one of the most important parts of our work, the design of the printed circuits

Laser cutting and engraving

With our 120W CO2 laser cutter and 30W fiber laser engraver, we are equipped to offer a wide range of services to meet your customization and production needs.

Embedded software developtment

During embedded development, we provide our circuits with clever algorithms, thanks to which our devices will help us in many areas of life.

Our employees

Zoltán erdei

Zoltán Erdei

Owner, Electrical engineer

Szufelják János

János Szufelják

Business Development Manager

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