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zTrack GSM GPS Tracker


The zTrack GSM Tracker is a GPS tracking device that communicates over a GSM network.

The device has a built-in motion sensor (accelerometer) and, thanks to its high-capacity battery, can be used for tracking even when 12V is not available from the vehicle’s electrical system.
The device does not require any special installation, it only needs to be connected to one of the vehicle’s cigarette lighter sockets, which is live when the ignition switch is on.
The device can detect whether the vehicle has moved as well as whether the ignition has been switched on. On the one hand, it transmits these signals to the server immediately, and on the other hand, it can change the transmission frequency according to the state of ignition and the movement of the vehicle. The settings and additional operating parameters in the table can be set with SMS commands. SMS commands are described in the corresponding section of the user manual.
The device can be operated in a wide input voltage range (9 … 36V DC). Its built-in switching power supply allows low energy consumption due to its 95% efficiency. An optional 56V maximum voltage version is available, which can also be used on electric bikes with a 48V battery.

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